G+ LoME Archive

This is an archive of Tamas Ferencz’s Google Plus community “Languages of Middle-Earth” (aka LoME), that existed from December 2012 until November 2018 when Google Plus was shut down for private customers. This archive is a collection of all posts in this group to keep the contributions to Eldarin scholarship accessible. The options to navigate this archive are:

If you have an old G+ link to a post, here is how you can find it in this archive. All links have a post ID as their last element:

In this case the post IDs are i2HPLGKqUHA and 54S5sjuB4Z7. You can enter those IDs on the search page to find the corresponding post. It has been tried to modify the G+ links on an archive page so that they link to the correct location in the archive rather than to the old G+ page, but this does not work for every possible link. If you get redirected to a site informing you that G+ is no longer available for private customers, please use the manual method described above to get to the referenced post. Sometimes the posts will reference images that were uploaded to G+, but these are not included in this archive, since they are missing from Tamas Ferencz’s backup. All Tags and usernames should work though.

The content in this archive has been created by the former members of the G+ group and it was not possible to read all the posts. If you encounter any offensive content, please message me unsing the contact possibilities below. Also, for that same reason be careful about opening links that have been created by the users and always check the link URL before opening them. Those external links are shown in red, as opposed to those in blue or in grey, which will lead to pages within this archive.

It has been impossible to seek out every member of this community to ask them for permission to republish their posts. However as this has been a scholarly group discussing Tolkien’s languages and should not have contained much “personal” content I think this is acceptable. If you want your posts removed, please message me

— Jakob Teuber