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Tamas Ferencz May 26, 2015 (13:14)

Íta i nór ve maril, antara orya Anar,
Á laitalme i Hér, envinyanta i ré!

(The land is sparkling as a crystal, lofty rises the Sun,
let us praise the Lord, the day is renewed!)

Björn Fromén May 27, 2015 (00:11)

maril 'glass, crystal' is a hapax in a list of experimental derivations (VT 46:13). I wonder if it can be considered a valid word in view of the canonical etymology of silmaril (< silima-rille).

Tamas Ferencz May 27, 2015 (10:18)

+Björn Fromén
let's call it a Gondorian folk-etymology influenced by Qenya marilla 'pearl' then :)

Александр Запрягаев May 28, 2015 (16:02)

The first line is a perfect accentual&quantitative linnod. But what is the metre of the second line?

Tamas Ferencz May 28, 2015 (16:36)

+Александр Запрягаев
it's an imperfect pentameter, pretty close though.
- - | - uu | - || - - | - uu | -

Александр Запрягаев May 28, 2015 (18:20)

+Tamas Ferencz Oh. Too many spondees for me to recognize, I guess. It becomes a perfect accentual anapaest this way, actually.