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Tamas Ferencz Sep 06, 2017 (11:23)

Wednesday couplet

Á hora ninna, melisse, an anda i lóme en ompa;
Asra Arra ta íre i lú lisse yo waltalima.

"Wait for me, beloved, long is the night ahead still;
it's easy to do when the time is sweet and exciting."
waltalima adj. "exciting"

Björn Fromén Sep 10, 2017 (01:23)

Since sr is not a tolerated cluster in coirea Q, I think arra would be the normal form.

Wouldn't *waltalima rather mean 'excitable'?

Tamas Ferencz Sep 10, 2017 (12:00)

+Björn Fromén arra it is, then:)
Hm, waltula "apt to excite" then? Of course I could go for waltaila. Maybe that's the safest bet.

Björn Fromén Sep 11, 2017 (23:01)

I'd use waltala, followed by to save the metre. I don't think the note on -ila in PE 22:155 invalidates the -ala participles in the late versions of Last Ark. (Neither do you it seems, judging from *uiala in your Friday couplet.)

Tamas Ferencz Sep 12, 2017 (13:56)

+Björn Fromén I'm still making up my mind on that. Tolkien's statement later on in that same note that the vowel i is carried through in all forms look important to me; but, as you say, the -ala forms seem to have as much validity as the other variant. They can probably coexist...