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Jan Sorondil Slaný Jan 11, 2015 (18:11)

How would you translate "unique" into Quenya? There is a Sindarin verb minai "single, distinct, unique", but not knowing how to adapt it into Quenya I considered the word er "one, alone" and the suffix -vea isolated from elvëa "starlike" (maybe also found in ovéa, vávëa "similar, alike"), and combined them into *ervëa or something similar. Do you have any ideas?

Tamas Ferencz Jan 11, 2015 (21:25)

There are several attested words with the meaning "sole, solitaire, alone": erea, erda, erya, erinqua; there's also the noun erde "singulatrity". If Quenya were a living language one of these could easily evolve to have the meaning of "unique, singular".
But *ervea is not a bad coinage.

Jan Sorondil Slaný Jan 12, 2015 (08:41)

Thanks, I gues I will prefer the neologism, as I specifically wanted to avoid the clash with "solitary, alone".