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Fiona Jallings Sep 20, 2015 (08:23)

I need to delegate. I started a new job, and it's full time, and I'm completely exhausted when I get home and EVERYTHING HURTS. I'm seeing a doctor about the pain. Anyways, I need help getting my website updated before the next decade. I don't have time to keep up with the research on some of the languages, and there's a LOT of work to be done with the phrasebooks and name-lists. So, I'm looking for help with the following languages:
Old English/Anglo-Saxon
Orcish/Black Speech

What "help" means:
Update/write phrasebooks 
Update/write namelists
Add to the Wiki of names from the books and their meanings and their pronunciations.

Knowledge of IPA is very important, as all of the phrases come with IPA transcriptions.

Don't worry about the databases or the coding - I've got that handled. you can check out the work-in-progress here: (a lot of the links don't work because they don't have the /wp/ in them, so when I move the website I don't have to go through and change the hundreds of links)
Here is an example phrase entry: 

I also need voice-actors. I can't roll Rs, and if you can, and you know how to pronounce Elvish words (the phrases and names have IPA transcriptions) and you have the ability to make good-quality recordings (or live in Missoula, MT so I can record you) then pretty please help!

TLDR: Fiona doesn't have time to do everything on her website now, and is looking for help.

PM me, respond here, or e-mail me: Tell me what you'd be interested in helping with, and what makes you an expert.

And no, I can't pay. I've got college debt, a lot of medical bills either happening or about to happen, and I wanna move out of this crappy little apartment with shitty wiring from the 70s because I'm REALLY tired of calling the cops on my neighbor's domestic disputes. I can't get a job as a linguist with only an undergraduate degree, (for some reason, my Tolkien-language work doesn't get me college-credit... I tried.)  and I'm burned out with school and paying for school. Sorry for the rant. I'm in pain and hating the world at the moment.

Tamas Ferencz Sep 20, 2015 (09:06)

Your work is valued, Fiona. I hope the pain goes away and life gets rosier again soon.
Let's hope that out of the three hundred and seventy members there will be a few who are willing to contribute.

Paul Strack Sep 20, 2015 (16:54)

I hope you feel better Fiona.

I wish I could help, but all my free time is sunk into updating Eldamo.

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Sep 20, 2015 (17:00)

Málevoitë nás mocë úmahtimë sómar.

Fiona Jallings Sep 21, 2015 (04:47)

Thanks for the well-wishes guys. I'm taking painkillers and staying off my feet whenever I don't have work.

Александр Запрягаев Sep 21, 2015 (11:37)

+Fiona Jallings Best wishes to you from all of us! If I can be of some help concerning Quenya and Telerin, just name it.