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Tamas Ferencz Aug 20, 2017 (19:37)

The counter here on the side is telling me the community has reached half thousand members.
*Perhúme! *Perveneg!

Now I know very well that this number doesn't tell me very much, only that five hundred people decided at one point or another that they click on the 'join community' button. For all I know, four hundred of eighty of them never returned for a second look. Certainly the number of members who post or comment here more or less regularly I could count on my two hands. Still, it gives me a good feeling. If only fifty or one hundred of those 500 came here regularly to try their hands at Sindarin and Quenya and were willing to chat, and build a living vocabulary!

One can dream.

Happy day to everyone!

Paul Strack Aug 20, 2017 (19:46)

Congratulations! 500 is a pretty good number, even if it represents visitors more than active members.

Tamas Ferencz Aug 20, 2017 (20:20)

+Kaylynn Rose that's very kind of you and lovely to read! Glad you have had fun with us.

Rick Spell Aug 21, 2017 (02:34)

I haven't posted much for a very long time, but I enjoy learning from the posts of others. I plan to be more active going forward.

James Coish Aug 21, 2017 (05:31)

I, too, am forever thankful of this group. So much help and thought provoking posts!

Evan A Aug 21, 2017 (19:51)

Thomas I remember you on the old elfling list when I discovered Quenya back in 2004. Thanks for all the poetry, prose etc you have done thru the years. I still remember your translation of the Hungarian rabbits nursery rhyme...nai elen sila lumen gugultielvo

Tamas Ferencz Aug 21, 2017 (23:01)

Oh the rabbits poem:) I might revisit that soon. Thanks, +Evan A! Good to see old "faces" around.