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Александр Запрягаев Apr 02, 2016 (16:14)

+Paul Strack A further thought about Tolkien's apparent temporary elimination of special case mutations in the Noldorin branch after 1930 (immediately pre-Etym or alongside): beside i''olodh ÑGOLOD 'the Gnome' PE22:034 and i•dhór NDOR 'the land' PE22:033, I remembered something else:
Gail Luithien heb Eglavar, despite MBARA omnipresent since the Gnomish Lexicon!

Matt Dinse Apr 02, 2016 (21:01)

Fanuidhol might also qualify, and penim vast if Tolkien hadn't changed the stems to mere D- and M-. Could this be analogical? I think dhol and vast have been discussed somewhere, as I get the feeling I wasn't the original one to point them out. I do recall that Roman Rausch pointed out analogical i-dhor in PE13:161 alongside the correct forms, and how PE11:8 mentions "words that have still preserved their true initial nd, mb, ng against generalization".

Speaking of gail Luithien heb Eglavar, I wonder if there will be a variant in the draft of the poem. Dr. Fimi mentioned in the Twitter previews that it reads "Luthien he saw as a Fay from Fayland". Will gail "star" be a different word? It would be nice if some of the Noldorin is different.

Александр Запрягаев Apr 02, 2016 (21:46)

+Matt Dinse No explicit about dol since the Etym. Except apparently Russandol, pointing at NDOL still.