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Tamas Ferencz May 31, 2016 (14:19)

Aldea ná i vinya Isilya...:

- ulya
- urda
- hiswa
- sapsarrima[3]

I erinqua *laituvaina[1] engwe ná ta er *mótari[2] nelde lembe tenn' otsolemetta!


[1] this is a future imperfect participle 'going to be applauded'  - I think this ppl form can also be used in the sense 'to be applauded' see also the Hungarian fut ppl ending andó/endő which can also function similarly
[2] *mótare 'workday'
[3] 'boring, tedious, gruelling'

Tamas Ferencz May 31, 2016 (16:32)

[3] or perhaps *sapsarraite