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Fiona Jallings Dec 17, 2014 (19:39)

Guys! Check out what I'm helping with!

The reason I jumped into this project wasn't just because of Sindarin - I saw this as a way to make it easier to teach how to read any language. It's time we linguists started using the technology available to us.
Elvish Linguistics Learning Tool by Adion Designs — Kickstarter
Adion Designs is raising funds for Elvish Linguistics Learning Tool on Kickstarter! Intuitive, interactive reading tool for Sindarin Elvish and any fictional or existing language. A language teacher's favorite toolkit.

G. Hussain Chinoy Dec 17, 2014 (19:50)

This looks fantastic! How can we help?

Fiona Jallings Dec 17, 2014 (19:57)

Money, and spread the word. And if the campaign is successful, possibly by being our lab rats for beta-testing.

G. Hussain Chinoy Dec 17, 2014 (20:09)

Money, check. Tweeted and sent an e-mail to the mythopoeic society's e-mail list[1]. Maybe one to the LSA[2]?

Matthew Callison Dec 17, 2014 (20:19)

If this Kickstarter was going on during tax return season, I would back at the $500 right now.  I've been hoping someone smarter than me would do something like this, or partner with DuoLingo, or something.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 17, 2014 (20:44)

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