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Rubén Rodríguez May 06, 2016 (00:43)

Aiyä! I was trying to translate some phrases for a tattoo, but I am having little trouble, I wanted to ask you if these are correct:
One Last Time: Minë telda lúmë (Quenya) // Mîn medui lû (Sindarin)
Journey to Middle-earth: Lenda Endórë (Quenya) Lend Ennor (Sindarin)

And also if you could help me translating this one:
"Fellowship Forever"
Can't find equivalents for those words in Quenya or Sindarin

Len Hannon!! :D

Tamas Ferencz May 06, 2016 (09:22)

Hello Rubén,

One last time:

in Quenya the numbers seem to follow the nouns. Also, instead of lúme I vote for the shorter 'time, occasion', so

lú mine telda
lú er telda

in Sindarin adjectives follow their nouns and mutate their first consonants, so

min lû vedui

Fellowship forever

in Quenya I'd go for otornasse 'brotherhood':

otornasse tennoio

in Sindarin, one could use *erthas 'unity, union' created out of ertha- 'unite', or mirror the Quenya noun and create *gwadoras 'brotherhood' (see also Gnomish gados 'union, association, fellowship' on
For 'forever' you can use the adjective uireb 'eternal'.

erthas/gwadoras uireb

Rubén Rodríguez May 08, 2016 (02:57)

+Tamas Ferencz Thanks a lot I will take your suggestions :)

Andre Polykanine May 09, 2016 (19:51)

As for "Journey to Middle-Earth":: remember (or beware) that Quenya is a synthetic language, so you need case declension here (allative in this case): Lenda Endorenna.