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Александр Запрягаев Apr 24, 2015 (19:15)

"Timeo Danaos" for Tyelperinquar: another linnod of the day.

Gosto i•meryn Morgoth, edregol annath golel.

[Have fear of vassals of Morgoth, especially those carrying gifts.]

*col- 'carry' < Q. corma-col-indo-r
[A pun on Annatar is intended.]

Александр Запрягаев Apr 24, 2015 (19:42)

Note also a non-intended 'hexameter' variation, possibly of more relevance in the context, following:

Gosto i•veorath Morgoth, ah edregol golel in•annath!

Off-topic question: does quantitative or accentual hexameter make more sense in Quenya; and what of Sindarin?

Tamas Ferencz Apr 24, 2015 (23:10)

+Александр Запрягаев Quenya is reasonably well suited to hexameters and other metric verse, there are examples in this community, too

Björn Fromén Apr 25, 2015 (00:19)

+Александр Запрягаев No doubt the metre of Gilraen's linnod is quantitative; it fits the pattern of a Classical dactylic pentameter perfectly.