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Hjalmar Holm Sep 29, 2017 (15:45)

A quenya syntax question: Should I normally position and adjective describing a noun before or after the noun in question? E.g. Cenean yaule morna or cenean morna yaule? I have heard that there is a distinction between a specifiv universally known thing with a specific trait, and things in general having that trait, for example the white ships of Alqualonde might be famous enough to distinguish from just any white ships, but in such a case I would say/write it as a combined word, as a name, i.e. Fanyaciryar. What have you quenyaspeakers to say?

Paul Strack Sep 29, 2017 (15:59)

Quenya adjectives are normally before the noun, though I believe there is more freedom than in English. I have to check my notes to see if there is more information.

Paul Strack Sep 29, 2017 (16:13)

Here are my notes on adjective order. They generally precede the noun in ordinary sentences and compounds (PE17/93, PM/346). One exception would be when the adjective is used as a title (UT/317) as in Gandalf the Grey: Olórin Míse.

Tamas Ferencz Sep 29, 2017 (16:25)

Agreed, the normal syntax is to place the adjective before the noun. Where it follows the noun it often is part of the predicate (with the copula omitted): "Eldar ataformaiti..." "Elves are ambidextrous...".

See also PE22:124: "Since the normal place of an adjective attributive was in Q. before its noun, the adjective was marked as predicative by being placed after the noun: Eldar alphírimar." (emphasis Tolkien's)

Tamas Ferencz Sep 29, 2017 (16:36)

BTW it's either cénan or cenin since cen- is a primitive verb.