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Anthony Carlson Jul 24, 2018 (17:28)

I have a new D&D character and he has a bow named "One shot, One kill". Can someone translate this name into elvish please?

Paul Strack Jul 24, 2018 (17:36)

Which type of Elvish, Quenya or Sindarin? Also, you might be able to puzzle something out on your own with the following resources: - Welcome! - Parf Edhellen: an elvish dictionary

Tamas Ferencz Jul 24, 2018 (17:53)

I hope you don't want all that be put into one single word... If I want to be playful I'd say Erlehta Ernahta "one-release one-kill". In Quenya.

Anthony Carlson Jul 24, 2018 (18:09)

+Paul Strack I'm pretty ignorant to the language structures, which one is considered the more traditional?

Anthony Carlson Jul 24, 2018 (18:43)

+Paul Strack

From those links I got.....

Er Khat Er Maktya

Paul Strack Jul 24, 2018 (20:35)

+Anthony Carlson that may be good enough for a D&D weapon name if you aren’t super concerned for accuracy. All right that matters is that it sounds good to you. Or you could use +Tamas Ferencz suggestion above which is closer to Quenya (High Elvish) as it appeared in the Lord of the Rings.

Anthony Carlson Jul 28, 2018 (06:24)

thank you very much!