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Tamas Ferencz Jul 21, 2014 (12:12)

For VQP Editors & Users: Wordlist Page Added

I have started a page in the NeoQuenya section (and will do the same in the NeoSindarin section), which lists all the entries in the wiki in a simple dictionary format, with direct links to the detailed entry pages:

The syntax of adding words to the list is quite simple:

  ;  entry :  definition

Please note that the semicolon must be preceded by two spaces. The entry and the definition can use any of the usual formatting. So may I suggest/ask that when you create a new entry, at the same time you also add your word to the wordlist page?

This can make it easier for visitors to see at a glance what words we have in our vocabulary, also the list can be exported to PDF etc.
nq:wordlist [VinQuettaParma]
hencalcat: dual n eye-glasses, spectacles; hwinda: n and adj 1. a fool 2. foolish, giddy, confused; hórista(-): vb and n 1. cite, quote 2. citation, quote. Page Tools. Show pagesource · Discussion · Old revisions · Backlinks; Back to top. nq/wordlist.txt · Last modified: 2014/07/21 11:05 by atwe ...

Tamas Ferencz Jul 21, 2014 (12:33)

P.S. Please do not add words to the wordlist page without creating the detailed entry page of the word!