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Tamas Ferencz Apr 29, 2018 (22:38)

*Minaþurindor *eyestanier *rikwe ekkese ké i *kumma *metan mo kime Karnilesse ontaina ondoinen hya veoinen. Kénai tuvuvante i hanquetta tulyuvas ve amna túvien ké kuile uman enge Karnilesse.

Researchers have started an experiment to find out whether the gas methane which can be found on Mars has been created by rocks or by living things. If it may be that they find the answer it will lead us closer to find out whether life once existed on Mars.

James Coish Apr 30, 2018 (01:19)

mallo "kumma"?

Tamas Ferencz Apr 30, 2018 (09:23)

+James Coish *kumma "gas" i sundollo KUM, á kene -

Tamas Ferencz Apr 30, 2018 (13:45)

Askene, eke mon teke "rikwe" yú ve "rique" :)