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Александр Запрягаев Aug 17, 2015 (08:30)

Just a spontaneous play with late 40s-Quenya, as described in +#PE22. A lament of a Ñoldo returning to Valinor after the War of Wrath. (And a fulfillment of my ancient ambition to write a poem with a line containing a single word!)

Rossi ulyar. Ni•taltalya
Málinen ortanelyenwa,
Masse túvan lië valya?
Man ni•túva túlienwa?

Mande anda né istalya,
Mólañoldo Angamandon;
Ai! Ananta ni•taltalya,

[Rains are pouring. I am falling,
(Like) by hands having been raised up,
Where will I find the Ruling folk?
Who will I meet upon coming?

(My) fate long ago knowing,
A Thrall-Ñoldo of Angband,
Lo! Nevertheless, I keep falling,
Like something which cannot be fixed to a point.]

Ni•taltalya: long imp., PE22:115.
Ortanelyenwa; túlienwa: perfect pass. part., PE22:109. Perfect formation from PE22:117.
Túva(n): fut. with contraction uvuv > uv. PE22:105. Also objective suffix.
Anda né: PE22:96.
Istalya: imp. part., PE22:107.
Alatañkatálimandon: adj. expressing negative possibility, PE22:111. Adv. case, as in PE21.

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Leonard W. Aug 18, 2015 (22:20)

Very nice! I love Alatañkatálimandon though I don't understand it yet :) I wonder, though, lossi suggests losse which is like snow? Or has it gone through revisionism like so much else?

Александр Запрягаев Aug 19, 2015 (09:23)

+Leonard W. Oh! One letter wrong! :)

Leonard W. Aug 19, 2015 (19:43)

+Александр Запрягаев
This really does feel like nitpicking, but wouldn't túvan at this time translate "it will find me"? You have used the "proper" construction on the next line, so I understand it's due to the meter.

Angamandon is singular, but you use the plural genitive suffix -on?

Александр Запрягаев Aug 19, 2015 (20:23)

+Leonard W. 1) Mistranslation into English for better poetic effect. The sentence is supposed to mean 'Where will the Ruling folk find me?'
2) I'm unsure. In Fíriel's Song, genitive was supposed to be in -n, so I followed that pattern. There are much contradictory ones in PE21, and those close to QVS were not even included! If Angamando is correct, then I'll be ready to change — rhyme's not really affected. I thought about that.

Leonard W. Aug 19, 2015 (20:26)

Aha! Poetic word order got me :)