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Hjalmar Holm Jun 02, 2016 (12:48)

I have just finished a coffee pouch, made out of leather, and thought of writing "coffee" on it. However, we lack a word for that in eldarin, don't we? Reconstructions, anyone?

Ekin Gören Jun 02, 2016 (13:34)

How about "bitter+seed", [S] saeredh?

Fiona Jallings Jun 03, 2016 (09:24)

How about Suithaer (suith+saer) "Bitter Drink"?

Tamas Ferencz Jun 03, 2016 (09:29)

+Fiona Jallings
a bit generic for me (that could be quite a lot of beverages), but after all, why not.

I personally am not against the occasional loanword (and the emphasis is on occasional, of course); after all, loanwords are present in the attested Eldarin corpus.

Fiona Jallings Jun 03, 2016 (10:48)

Yeah, it is kinda vague. Ad for a loan word - Cophi/Cophe? (Which language would be borrow it from?)

Tamas Ferencz Jun 03, 2016 (11:16)

+Fiona Jallings
good question. We can turn to the Arabic, (qahwah) or to the name of region of Kaffa which is said to be the origin of the Arabic term. In the post to the right I simply named it kaffa in neoQuenya; it fits the phonetic rules.

Fiona Jallings Jun 03, 2016 (11:21)

Hmmmm caph then perhaps?

Tamas Ferencz Jun 03, 2016 (11:42)

+Fiona Jallings
sounds good to me.

Ицхак Пензев Jun 03, 2016 (15:48)

I used *coffi previously, but *caffa has heavier arguments!

Roman Rausch Jun 03, 2016 (19:09)

A while back, we would use *mornechui 'black awakening' on
But a loanword might just as well keep its vowel in Sindarin: *capha.

Tamas Ferencz Jun 03, 2016 (20:21)

+Roman Rausch Í like mornechui!

Lőrinczi Gábor Jun 04, 2016 (12:07)

*morho ("black juice") < morn + saw
*hurho ("action juice") < hûr + saw
*hurhovorn ("black action juice") < hûr + saw + morn

Although I don't like the sound of the first two (in spite of the fact that we have forvo, harvo, etc.), neither the sound of the last one. :/

Fiona Jallings Jun 04, 2016 (12:20)

Let's just reorder that a little bit: Morhochur or maybe just Sochur "juice of readiness for action".  - sounds like a good word for any caffeinated drink.

Ицхак Пензев Jun 05, 2016 (14:34)

Back to +Tamas Ferencz 's thread about coffee. I see one more word that is unclear to me. Does *liste mean "a sweet"/"candy", or "sugar"? As for "sugar", I recall a discussion here:

Tamas Ferencz Jun 05, 2016 (15:26)

+Ицхак Пензев
yes, that was an on-the-spot attempt for sugar

Hjalmar Holm Jun 05, 2016 (17:11)

What about *caph for the beans, whether grinded or not, and *sochur for any drink made out of it, and maybe *mornechui for a more poetic name for a hot cup of black coffee? After all, there is some difference in meaning.

Tamas Ferencz Jun 05, 2016 (17:39)

Or, in Quenya, we could simply steal Tolkien's word and call it kuiviénen - after all, it awoke the Elves didn't it:)

Ицхак Пензев Jun 05, 2016 (18:20)

+Tamas Ferencz
What is the meaning of -te element. I would rather support +Helge Kåre Fauskanger's limma. But Rina and I definitely need a word for "candy", too.

Tamas Ferencz Jun 05, 2016 (20:07)

+Ицхак Пензев I simply looked at roots ending in S and tried to figure out what kind of noun could be derived from them