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P Arellond Nov 09, 2016 (19:35)

By all means let get started. Shall we begin with the idea to go to Quenya Chat first on the topic of

1. Describe where you live. Nation, city, kind of land around you. Everything you want to say.

But an idea to achieve something. The first person to do it, please make a list of all words related to this description at the bottom.

Next person, copy the list and add your new vocabulary to it.

And so forth.

At the end we should have a good list of words before we go on to the next topic. We can discuss them as well.

However, I'm quite busy right now and don't have time to begin. (Maybe I can use the list after others begin :-)

(The goal will be to have all the vocabulary for an eventual chapter of our Spoken Quenya materials.)

shall we try?

Tamas Ferencz Nov 09, 2016 (23:51)

+P Arellond​ by "all words" do you mean absolutely all, or just the neologisms?

P Arellond Nov 10, 2016 (08:10)

all of the vocabulary used for each lesson. Just imagine that this was going to be the first chapter of a book on Spoken Quenya. Perhaps each lesson would also have a full vocabulary for each topic.

The book (or webpage) would be organized around common topics of conversation when we are meeting others. So this first topic is introducing where we live, what kind of room or house. What kind of topography nearby.

I know that Helge sent out a Christmas greeting last year with the four seasons near where he live.

There may never be a book, (or there might), but these topic chapters would provide a resource for usable vocabulary in talking/chatting with others.

P Arellond Nov 10, 2016 (08:12)

Thus, each time any of us write we copy the previous vocabulary from the last person who wrote and add our new ideas to it. This would include existing Quenya words and neologisms.

Tamas Ferencz Nov 10, 2016 (10:53)

Well, it's worth a try - if it won't be just the two-three of us trying to keep up a dwindling conversation.
But I suggest to keep the actual conversation and the vocabulary in two separate threads, otherwise it can get clumsy.

Tamas Ferencz Nov 20, 2016 (12:55)

So, where are all the entries?