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Tamas Ferencz Feb 18, 2013 (10:19)

*Wilwiste né acca vanima sina tella otsola-mettasse. Patanemme i ostonna, inye yo verinya, ta mancanemme tamnali ar matso. Noa[1] mótanemme picina tarwammasse: aunancemme tussaron olvali, ettuncemme firini ar verce[2] laimali, nete nete. Tá mennemme melda málommatta[3] coanna; roatta caimassea ar mernemme cenitas. Carampemme as málommat tere anda lúme.

Ma carnelye otsola-mettasse?

[1] Since noa apparently meant yesterday at one point and then tomorrow at another, I have decided it can mean both (a.k.a. 'the day next to today'), and the tense of the verb is what decides which one it is:)
[2] here meaning 'untamed' plants i.e. weeds
[3] 'of our two friends'

Olga García Feb 21, 2013 (14:50)

Hmm, I wouldn't mind a translation, if you could...

Tamas Ferencz Feb 21, 2013 (15:11)


The weather was very fine this last weekend. We walked into town, I and my wife, and bought [=traded] some artifacts and food. Yesterday we worked in our tiny garden: cut back some boughs of shrubs, pulled out dead plants and weeds, etc. Then we went to the house of our two dear friends; their dog is ill and we wanted to see her. We talked with our friends for a long time.
What did you do in the weekend?