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Tamas Ferencz Jun 09, 2015 (13:31)

Just a short piece inspired by the June weather.


Mitse lotsi luhtar nu i lunga wista,
I asto ñol mirilya pa i mixe lassi.
Ortíran. I more Menel yanga ve hácala rista;
Súre cára lumboron lumne carassi.


Tiny flowers bow under the heavy air
The smell of dust glitters on the wet leaves.
I look up. The black sky gapes like a yawning cut;
Wind builds of the clouds sombre fortresses]

Björn Fromén Jun 15, 2015 (00:04)

Very evocative, with good significant rhymes.

Why do you prefer the obsolete húro to the wholly synonymous raumo from later sources?

There is an abundance of forms meaning 'small, little, tiny'; why use one deleted by Tolkien (mitsa)?

ñol can't be a Q noun (pace Helge F); it's a PQ root reflected in Q olme (< holme).

The probable meaning of or-tir- is 'watch over from above', judging from the gerund ortírie '(divine) protection' (VT 44:7). For 'look up' maybe *am(b)atir-?


Tamas Ferencz Jun 19, 2015 (16:46)

+Björn Fromén
quite right about ortir-; should be amatir-.
I chose mitsa for the effect of mitse lots/miksa