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Tamas Ferencz Sep 19, 2018 (13:31)

Random LOTR paragraph

Book II, Chapter 8.

At dawn they made ready to go on. The light came grey and pale, and they did not see the rising of the sun. The air above was heavy with fog, and a reek lay on the land about them. They went slowly, riding now upon the highway. It was broad and hard, and well-tended. Dimly through the mists they could descry the long arm of the mountains rising on their left. They had passed into Nan Curunír, the Wizard's Vale. That was a sheltered valley, open only to the South. Once it had been fair and green, and through it the Isen flowed, already deep and strong before it found the plains; for it was fed by many springs and lesser streams among the rain-washed hills. and all about it there had lain a pleasant, fertile land.

Ambarónes feryanente ompa menien. I kala tulle hiswa ar sinde, ar lá kennente Anar orya. I vilya or te né lunga híþenen, ar usque keante to i *oswa nóre. Lenkiénen lendente, sí menila to i *hermen. Palda ar sarda nése, ar mai aþyaina. Enke tien kene néka ter i híþe i anda ranko orontion i oronyer hyarmende. Lahtiélanente Kurumo Nanna. *Kautana nan nése, rie Hyarmenna panta. Uman vanya ar wenya nése, ar i Isen sirinye ter sa, ya né tenta núra ar turka nó kimne i landar; an tiutaina rimbe ehtelelínen ar nitye kelusselínen imbi i ulonen *lóne ambor; ar ara sa *illome *fastalima, *yavalima nóre lante.


*oswa adjective “surrounding, encircling, lying around” OS
*hermen noun “highway, main road” KHER, MEN
*kauta- verb “shelter, protect, shield” KAW
*lóna adjective “soaked, drenched” LOG
*fastalima adjective “pleasing, pleasant”
*yavalima adjective “fertile, fruit-bearing” YAV
*illome adverb “everywhere”
Eldamo : Neo-Quenya : illomë
ᴺQ. !illomë n. “everywhere”. ᴺQ. !illomë, n. “everywhere”. Related !illomë “everywhere” cf. Q. sinomë “here, (lit.) in this place”. Elements. Q. #il-, “every, *all”. Q. #nómë, “place”. ᴱQ. oma n. “everywhere”. Reference ✧ QL/70 ✧ “everywhere”. Element In. ᴱQ. omanaste “omnipresence” ✧ QL/70; ᴱQ.