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Paul Strack Sep 30, 2018 (05:47)

I've released Eldamo 0.6.9

This is a bit faster than normal, but I'm getting ready leave on a lengthy vacation, so it was either now or 3 weeks from now.

I've incorporated many neologisms from the sources in this post:

See also:

The major that are still missing are NQNT, Damien Bador Quenya Psalm Word List, Ambar Eldaron’s Sindarin English Dictionary, and neologisms from Fiona Jalling's and David Salo's books. I can't guarantee I got everything, but hopefully I captured of lot of interesting ones.

New Neo-Quenya neologisms:

New Neo-Sindarin neologisms:

I added a bunch of neologisms whose forms I didn't agree with, but I admit that I excluded a fair number as well, especially those for which there are attested words.

There were a couple bugs reported against 0.6.8 that I haven't had time to fix. I hope to get to those in the next release, which should be the last one focused primarily on neologisms, at least in the near term.

Major open bugs:

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Tamas Ferencz Sep 30, 2018 (10:38)

I'm wondering if a word like *eavea should become *eávea

Paul Strack Oct 01, 2018 (00:08)

+Tamas Ferencz what word are you thinking of? I’m not sure what eávea is intended to mean. Or are you just theorizing about short syllables?

Paul Strack Oct 01, 2018 (01:44)

Hunh, that looks like a bug in the search logic. When I search for eavea I get nothing, but when I search for ëavëa I see it.

Bug filed:

I think eavea is a bit dubious already. I think I'd rather coin a better neologism that try to "repair" it.

Paul Strack Oct 01, 2018 (01:48)

I think ilúvëa would work better for “universal”. We have nassëa for “natural”

Tamas Ferencz Oct 01, 2018 (09:37)

+Paul Strack indeed ilúvea is better, but as a principle I think the word would become eávea, if it existed.

Lorenzo C.B. Nov 03, 2018 (18:04)

I can't find in your web the word nyando from PE14/055.2904
How should we notify this kind of doubts?

Paul Strack Nov 03, 2018 (18:21)

+Lorenzo C.B. I have it incorrectly as nyanyo. I will fix it for the next release.

You can post bug reports here, in MeWe (once G+ shuts down), in the Vinye Lambengolmor Discord Server if you visit there or (this one is the most reliable) as a bug report in Github: