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Willie Bossie Oct 19, 2014 (19:22)

Hello, I am very new here, so forgive me for not having the fonts correct for the translations from English to Quenya.. :-(

I am trying to make sure I have the correct wording and translation for the phrase below to convert to Tengwar script or any other kind Elvish language. Don't want any meaningless words.  Here is what I have:

"Our body is love, our love is eternal."
mma hroa na melme, mma melme na oira. 

Which I think in the script the (,) will be a (.) and the (.) at the end will be (:)

Tamas Ferencz Oct 20, 2014 (09:02)

Hey +Willie Bossie your attempt is actually quite close; the -mma is a  suffix so it should be attached to the word it belongs to:

Hroamma ná melme, melmemma ná oira.

Willie Bossie Oct 20, 2014 (16:24)

Thanks a lot..I am trying to learn so this helps a lot. I did get a different translation for this also:

Hroangwa na melme, melmengwa na oira

Tamas Ferencz Oct 20, 2014 (17:28)

Yes, Tolkien experimented with several versions of suffixes in his lifetime; both versions can be considered fine

Willie Bossie Oct 20, 2014 (17:30)

oK, real mice to know.. now to find the right fonts..  thank you very much for all your help on this.

Fiona Jallings Oct 20, 2014 (22:01)

The difference between -ngwa and -mma, at least in LotR era Quenya, is that -ngwa meaning "yours and mine" and -mma means "the two of ours, not yours". -ngwa includes the listener, and -mma excludes the listener.

Willie Bossie Oct 20, 2014 (22:31)

thank you for your response.. it was very helpful in understanding the deference... 

Patrick Gifford Oct 20, 2014 (23:02)

Welcome Willie

Willie Bossie Oct 20, 2014 (23:45)

Thanks Patrick..