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Александр Запрягаев Dec 23, 2015 (18:35)

How do we connect a clan with the founder's name in Quenya? Is it nosse Finweo, nosse Finweva, or even compound Finwenos/Finwenosse? (I remember Nos Finrod in Etym.) What does your language feeling say — or is it attested?

Paul Strack Dec 24, 2015 (02:36)

My gut feeling, based on the discussion on WJ/368-9, is that the suffix -va is generally inappropriate when describing relationships between people, so that either -o is preferable or some sort of compound. Personally I would say nosse Finweo.

The reason why I think -va is improper is because it can imply a degree of ownership, which is incorrect for relationships between people.

Tamas Ferencz Dec 25, 2015 (09:52)

I have a feeling that quasi compound nos Finwe is what Tolkien would've chosen

Andre Polykanine Dec 26, 2015 (01:19)

I'd say Finweo nosse (don't remember where but I had read that nouns in genitive are placed in front of the main noun).