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Tamas Ferencz Jul 17, 2018 (16:47)

Over at Discord the other day I was chatting with Roandil about the two attested SKOR roots and how the two could coexist; now it occurred to me that as the later SKOR is in fact rather S-KOR with a privative S tagged onto the known root KOR "round", perhaps its derivations would begin with ks-, like those of SKEY. *xorna 'rough, unsymmetrical'?

James Coish Jul 17, 2018 (17:17)

I love anything that gives us more initial x words.

Paul Strack Jul 17, 2018 (18:56)

I think a privative prefix s- would be less likely to undergo metathesis to ks and more like to merge with kh and eventually produce h-

Our only example of initial sk- producing ks- is SKEY > xiéte “passing”, and it does not seem to be a privative to me. Ditto with initial ps- in psar- “rub”

Tamas Ferencz Jul 17, 2018 (19:13)

+Paul Strack do we have any other example of a privative s-?

Tamas Ferencz Jul 17, 2018 (23:54)

+Paul Strack thank you. Well, it was a nice idea while it lasted. Anyway, my original opinion still stands, that the two SKOR roots can coexist.

Paul Strack Jul 18, 2018 (01:27)

+Tamas Ferencz that part I do agree with.