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Severin Zahler Jul 19, 2017 (08:16)

So I just had an idea... Online automatic tengwar transcribers (often just called "rune generators") are at best producing only few errors, mostly the results are not practically useable. The best one I know so far is this one which does a pretty decent job on orthographic spelling.

Well, I haven't tested it and if I'll really give it a try it will be after I have finished all the many other features of my new website, but I just saw that there's various options for dictionary API's, and the one from Oxford Dictionaries does come with IPA transcripts and even sound files. Up to 3k requests per month and 60 per minute it's even free.

Has anyone tried something like this before? Dictionary based Tengwar transcriber for English?
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Ekin Gören Jul 19, 2017 (08:27)

I think, this one has: - Tecendil

Arno Gourdol Jul 19, 2017 (09:39)

I'm the author of Yes, I have an orthographic mode based on a pronunciation dictionary from CMU. I'm always interested in feedback that could improve the quality of the transcription, though!

Severin Zahler Jul 19, 2017 (15:39)

Wait you have an orthographic mode based on pronounciation? that sounds somewhat contradictory...
Your tool looks fantastic though! Interesting combination to have the transcriber be the main thing and the elvish dictionary the addition :D

I had the idea that after all it'd be possible to make a reliable tengwar-transcriptor using a phonetic mode, which I think does not exist yet.

Arno Gourdol Jul 19, 2017 (17:09)

Sorry, I miswrote. I meant to say I have a phonemic mode based on pronunciation: select "English, Phonemic" mode in the OPTIONS panel. You will see the IPA transcription of what you typed (e.g. /pˈɑsəbəɫ/) and the corresponding Tengwar transcription.

Severin Zahler Jul 20, 2017 (12:55)

Ahh hadn't noticed that option :D Very nice, that's indeed exactly what I though of, so I guess no need to recreate that :D