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Hjalmar Holm May 16, 2016 (21:31)

To congratulate, congratulations (on celebrations, birthday parties et.c.). go + _mereth_ mirroring the etymology of "congratulation", --> govertha-.

Björn Fromén May 16, 2016 (23:01)

I think a more likely meaning of *govertha- would be 'to feast together'.

Hjalmar Holm May 16, 2016 (23:35)

All right, do you have a counter-idea? Anyhow, le ngoverthon might be appropriate when celebrating someone's birthday or the like :-)

Björn Fromén May 17, 2016 (02:21)

For 'congratulations on your birthday' I'd suggest le aníron 'las erin edinor lín.

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ May 17, 2016 (15:25)

Taking the Welsh word (< llon + cyfarch-) as a starting-point, one would feel inclined to use suila- (vs. tog-), combined with some positive-minded adjective or prefix (maybe some item on PE17 p. 146).