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Tamas Ferencz Aug 29, 2018 (12:04)

I have four rhyming words for you to give me ideas on, how to say them in Quenya:


Discuss :)

Ekin Gören Aug 29, 2018 (14:14)


Tamas Ferencz Aug 29, 2018 (14:27)

+Ekin Gören sinwasse looks good
kúnasse? might work
mahtana as in "controlled"? perhaps, but could be misunderstood for other meanings of mahta-

blame: "put sin on someone"? of course "put" in itself is unattedted

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Aug 29, 2018 (21:45)

As a single-word synonym for "blame" (substantival), an abstract noun that means "causerness, causership" (derived from KYAR), in place of Qe. káma ? As the verb, in a non-poetic context, one could use a longer expression such as namë/esta/savë X tyarindo/tyarmo or the attestation (or its frequentative).

Tamas Ferencz Aug 29, 2018 (22:38)

+ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ oh I like the association with_leptenta-_

James Coish Aug 30, 2018 (03:58)

Would that be *leptetenta-?

Tamas Ferencz Aug 30, 2018 (09:54)

+James Coish possibly - we have no examples of frequentatives formed from derived verbs as far as I know, so it's a guess.

Tamas Ferencz Aug 30, 2018 (11:01)

From the noun "shame" I arrived at the dilemma how to say "it's a pity, it's a shame [that sg happened/is]".
One could say ma(nen) nainálima "how lamentable", but perhaps there'll be other ideas.

Tamas Ferencz Aug 30, 2018 (11:04)

ma laherenya "how unfortunate"?

Andre Polykanine Aug 31, 2018 (00:05)

+Tamas Ferencz How to say then "Shame on me (you, him..)"?)

Tamas Ferencz Aug 31, 2018 (00:32)

+Andre Polykanine no idea (yet). It's quite idiomatic, isn't it. na kúna? "Be bent"?

James Coish Aug 31, 2018 (01:51)

+Tamas Ferencz haahaahaa!