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Tamas Ferencz Jan 05, 2017 (16:35)

Á enyale

Á enyale ni í vanwa nán,
Háya minna i séra nóre;
Í eke lyen hape mánya ambe lá,
*Lahya amna autan, ta lemyan óle.
Á enyale nin ni í lá nin ilaure
nyaril tuluryamma tuluryangwa ya elye menne:
Rie ni enyala; an istalye
Lá lúme ta lemya *ósana hya hyame.
Mal kenai *etsenil ni lumenna,
Epetai enyalil, avalye naina:
An ké mornie, úsahtie hehta
pitya masse noaron ion nánen arwa,
Arya íta lye *etsene yo raina
Ambela lye enyaluva yo lunga.

*lahya adv “neither, nor” lá + hya
*etsen- v. “forget” see VQP
amna adv. here: "almost"
*ósana- v. "counsel, think together"

Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go, yet turning stay.
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you plann’d:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.
Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.

Remember by Christina Rossetti | The Times
Remember me when I am gone away...

Björn Fromén Jan 07, 2017 (18:07)

Is nin in enyale nin (line 5) a typo for ni?

"Our" in "our future" ( line 6) must be inclusive (= yours and mine). So rather -nqua or -ngwa than -mma?

Tamas Ferencz Jan 07, 2017 (19:01)

+Björn Fromén both valid, thanks!