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Александр Запрягаев May 14, 2015 (19:50)

Seriously, I'm at loss. Seven more… I really don't have a set of pre-made ones for quite a long time…

Penin in•ingath linnyd, menno in•ingath enni!

[I lack ideas of linnyd, send your own proposals! :)]

menna- 'send, make go' (cf. Q. menta- < MEN-tā)
inc 'idea, thought' (cf. Q. inca, comp. Salo)

Gimhan Karunaratne May 16, 2015 (08:09)

Id like to learn sindarin......but i dont know what it is .........can u pls teach me........

Gimhan Karunaratne May 16, 2015 (08:10)

Mybe .....oi could teach u sinhala in retirn

Ekin Gören May 17, 2015 (13:49)

Ló-belib geliad i-lam hen, nam-min iloerui. Ach belib geliad ian belib de ñgeliad, trî lemmais erui.

"We can not learn this language, by normal means. But we can learn how we can learn it, only through linguistics."