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Tamas Ferencz Feb 19, 2013 (10:25)

I have copied the PE19 index that +Matthew Dinse has typed up into a separate document on my Drive. The special characters show up nicely on my computer, so I hope it's the same for everyone else.
PE19 Index

Olga García Feb 19, 2013 (14:47)

Well, I can't see some of the special characters on my smartphone (and others appear wrongly placed), but I haven't tried to see this in the computer or the iPad yet, so I don't know if they will be displayed correctly there.

Tamas Ferencz Feb 19, 2013 (14:53)

OK, thanks for checking! Viewing special characters on portable devices will remain a challenge for some time yet I guess.

Olga García Feb 19, 2013 (15:05)

iPad: the diacritics are well displayed, but small caps and some other characters (I guess the yogh?) are still missing or look weird.

Tamas Ferencz Feb 19, 2013 (15:17)

I see. Probably depends on the font installed on the device, too.
I guess relatively few of the docs will have such a broad range of special characters, so most of the documents should be fine.

Olga García Feb 19, 2013 (16:04)

Curiously my smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy Y) displays the yogh, hmm...

Matt Dinse Mar 31, 2013 (18:14)

It would probably be best to transform this into a PDF document (and one with columns like Diego Seguí's VT Index, which provided much of my motivation), rather than a Word document or copy-paste from a forum thread; I shall have to look into how to create one. At the very least I figured it would be better to have PE19's and any upcoming ones to be formatted such before I offered them on +#Lambengolmor.

Tamas Ferencz Apr 01, 2013 (09:14)

True, +Matthew Dinse but the point of having them on a shared drive in an editable format is that any member of this community can modify the document. Having said that it's no problem to convert it to pdf and share it in that format as well.

Joseph McKellar May 07, 2013 (01:46)

I find the Quenya is easier to write, but the stresses on vowels, expecially in Vanyarin, are overwhelming. Noldorin has a lot of the dh and nya sound, i just can't say that.

Matt Dinse Sep 19, 2013 (21:54)

A columned PDF (much easier to look through) is now available at