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Michele “Fili” Marie-Jeanne Dec 28, 2014 (21:29)

Hello! I was trying to figure out the translation for these lyrics from "Beyond the Forest" and I was wondering if any of you could help.

"A, meleth nín, û naedhathog hûn ní'n. A trehil i'alad/ 'iân uir tri wilith nín."


Jenna Carpenter Dec 28, 2014 (21:53)

Philippa Boyen's lyrics for the second half were meant to read "And the white light/Of forever fills the air" but that's not really what that Sindarin says...
 Also wondering whether there's some spelling differences in there, e.g. is naed meant to be naid (as in "Ah my love, no things...") and is trehil meant to be tre- + síla so it means "and shine (white) the pure white light forever through my air", with the nuance of 'shining to completion'.
Edit. Well unless it's meant to be 'anin' instead of 'nin' in which case it's 'to me' and makes rather more sense than 'my air' which is somewhat nonsensical.

Matt Dinse Dec 28, 2014 (22:39)

There have been typos in the booklets before; I would have expected 'lân for 'ân, for example.

At any rate, naedhathog looks like (to me) a fut. 2nd. p. verb "Oh, my love, you will not naedha my heart"

Tamas Ferencz Dec 29, 2014 (08:48)

+Matt Dinse a cognate of Qenya naitya "put to shame, abuse"? Or perhaps a causative variant of naina- " lament"?

Jenna Carpenter Dec 29, 2014 (11:04)

Heh, I hadn't actually read it as one word (and searching for the lyrics online show it as two words in some places too, just to confuse matters :( )

Lőrinczi Gábor Dec 29, 2014 (17:52)

I think *naedha- comes from the root SNAG "wound, gnash", cf. Q nahta- "hurt, injure, wound" (cf. PE/19:91).

So the first sentence means "Oh, my love, you will not hurt my heart", though hûn should have been lenited to chûn.

Lőrinczi Gábor Dec 29, 2014 (18:20)

I guess the second sentence literally means "And shines through the white light (of) eternity through my air", if the correct spelling is "A trehil i 'alad 'lân uir trî 'wilith nín".

Michele “Fili” Marie-Jeanne Dec 29, 2014 (22:10)

Thanks so much, everyone! :)