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Paul Strack Aug 04, 2018 (16:58)

I've release Eldamo v.0.6.7

This includes some more Polish translations by +Remy Corbin

I haven't much to say about this release. I continue to move forward on organizing Neo-Eldarin content by root. I am finally in the bottom half of the alphabet, working on (early) roots beginning with “Q”.

As I get further into this work, I am getting more permissive about what I include. In particular, my filtering rules are now lean towards “incorporate all words that may be included without contradictions”.

This generally means that early forms with later replacements are excluded, but if they have lexical/semantic meanings not covered by later words, then I include (or adapt) them if they are consistent with later phonology.

For example, the early root QASA includes related to “feather” and “arrow”, later replaced by derivatives of KWES and PILIN. But QASA also has some words having to do with “shake”, for which there are no later replacements.

Therefore, I introduced a Neo-Eldarin root KWAS “shake” to be the basis of these words:

The Gnomish derivatives cwas- “to shake” and cwast “shaking” need to be adapted as pas- and past, but neither exist as later words. In theory, the Gnomish verb cwathra- could also be adapted, but it would conflict with N. pathra- “to fill”, so I did not include it.
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Paul Strack Aug 04, 2018 (23:51)

Ugh. I just noticed my example above was flagged as Neo-Quenya instead of Neo-Primitive. I will fix it in the next release

Damien Bador Sep 20, 2018 (11:52)

+Paul Strack Don't forget we look forward to working with you toward a French translation as well. How did Remy work on his translation? Just adding Polish glosses on your xml master file, or otherwise?

Paul Strack Sep 20, 2018 (14:36)

+Damien Bador I’ve set up a Google spreadsheet for French translations. - eldamo-translations-french

I set it up a while ago, so it is based on Eldamo 0.6.5. If you want to work on this soon, I may want to update the data.