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Paul Strack Jul 25, 2015 (17:20)

I've release Eldamo 0.4.8, the current version of my Elvish lexicon.

This is mostly a technical release, in response to Source Forge breaking down for more than a week (it is still not fully functional). The main changes:

1) The new web home for Eldamo is (link below). This is a permanent change. I own this domain so will be able to migrate to new servers as necessary.

2) The location for Eldamo downloads is now Github, thanks to the suggestion of +Menelion Elensúlë

I am still learning my way around that system, so I have not yet put any source code there or set up a mirror web site. I will probably have something organized for 0.4.9.

3) I have gotten a couple of requests now for more information about the raw XML structure. I put together a formal XSD specification and some basic documentation; links are on the Eldamo home page. I will probably add more in a future release.

4) Regarding content changes, there isn't much. A bit of data entry on PE12 and PE14, but nothing complete. I am churning through analyzing Gnomish phonology, so most of my attention is there.
Eldamo : Home
Eldamo - An Elvish Lexicon. by Paul Strack — v0.4.8 — generated on July 24, 2015 8:58:42 PM PDT. This collection of documents describes Tolkien's invented languages, particularly his Elvish languages, which are the most detailed. I call the collection a “lexicon” because it is not a dictionary ...

Leonard W. Jul 26, 2015 (15:40)

This is brilliant! Thank you!