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Jenna Carpenter Aug 07, 2016 (22:04)

This is quite interesting :)
Tolkien: The Lost Recordings
Joss Ackland narrates a search through BBC archives for unheard gems from JRR Tolkien, as Oxford Academic Dr Stuart Lee discovers the unbroadcast offcuts from an interview given by the author. Tolkien gave the interview for a BBC film in 1968, but only a tiny part of it was used in the broadcast programme. It was one of only a handful of recorded interviews he gave, and was also to be his last. Dr Lee's search for the unbroadcast rushes takes him...

Jenna Carpenter Aug 07, 2016 (22:36)

Quenya pronunciation from about 42:00

Leonard W. Aug 26, 2016 (18:26)

So much worthless jibber jabber between the recordings! :(