Post ERFc5m1DCJy

Rubén Rodríguez Nov 26, 2014 (19:28)

Aiyä! Can anyone please check if I did this correctly? :D Thank you!
alassea hristonosta.png
Alassea Hristonosta

Björn Fromén Nov 27, 2014 (16:40)

Rubén Rodríguez Nov 27, 2014 (17:16)

Thanks! I will correct it right away

Tamas Ferencz Dec 03, 2014 (09:34)

+Rubén Rodríguez
also, you appear to be using a long carrier as the first character, which makes it read álassea.

Miriam Greenleaf Dec 05, 2014 (04:57)