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Lúthien Merilin Jun 28, 2017 (00:17)

+Paul Strack +Eryn Galen +Ekin Gören +Roman Rausch

updated the database with Paul's new 0.5.6 release.
There are some other changes: I switched from using MySQL to SQLite. SQLite can easily be embedded in mobile or desktop applications or even drive a website. I also like it a lot that the database consists of one file only and is very compact: it fits all of the Eldamo data in ~ 10Mb.

I also started work on a demo app for Roman to use at the Omentielva. For now I settled on Java (JavaFX) as I'm most familiar with that. As soon as I have anything that runs and displays some data I will add it to the Github repo (hopefully somewhere in the coming week).
eldamo-relationaldb - a relational database-based version of the Eldamo project @

Lúthien Merilin Jul 09, 2017 (01:37)

+Paul Strack, +Eryn Galen, +Ekin Gören +Roman Rausch
First screen!
It's still enormously clunky: searching for entries by entering a text string for either a gloss or an elvish form, and press search will result in a very bare-bones summary of the entry (form, gloss, stem and category).
But still, hey! Now I figured out how to do the Sqlite -> JPA -> JavaFX plumbing, the rest is easy :)

Lúthien Merilin Jul 09, 2017 (20:02)

This version is already more functional - Ithildin (eldamo data)

Lúthien Merilin Jul 12, 2017 (14:56)

Added the code of the application to Github: - aduial/ithildin

I posted instructions how to run the application on the Skype channel, but in short: go to the Github repo, download the Ithildin-dist.jar and eldamo.sqlite files, put them together in a directory and run them with java -jar Ithildin-dist.jar
(needs Java JRE v.1.8 installed)

Lúthien Merilin Jul 15, 2017 (23:40)

updated both projects (database & client): added database views that make it easy to retrieve the entities from Eldamo. e.g. 'inflect', 'related', 'cognate', etcetera.
As usual, doing this exposed some minor errors, and those are also fixed (in the .sqlite file and in the separate database scripts).