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Hjalmar Holm Nov 12, 2014 (21:09)

Is there a word in Sindarin for a measure of length in the scale of a meter, like the word ranga "yard" in Quenya? There is a word sant glossed "yard, garden", but I have the impression it's only a small pice of land, not a measurement. 

Tamas Ferencz Nov 13, 2014 (00:01)

The closest I have found is Gnomish rath "the full arm, the extent of one's arm, one's reach, - a measure = 2 feet" (PE11:65)

Roman Rausch Nov 13, 2014 (01:20)

We have tal 'foot' attested as a measure of length in the Noldorin sentence _Lheben teil brann i annon [...]_ 'Five feet high is the door'.

Also, in PE17:34, there is pâd 'a step (action)' which has apparently an abstract sense (as in 'take steps to change a situation' or something like that); but in Neo-Sindarin, one might use as a measure of length as well, a 'pace'.

Forthianor I Nov 13, 2014 (15:52)

Or we could use a word like 'rang' in Neo-Sindarin as a loan from Quenya itself

Tamas Ferencz Nov 13, 2014 (16:27)

We also have 'fathom' in both Quenya and Noldorin, in Etym:

RAK- stretch out, reach. *ranku: Q ranko arm, pl. ranqi; ON ranko, pl. rankui; N rhanc, pl. (archaic) rhengy, usually rhenc, arm. *rakmē fathom: Q rangwe; ON ragme, N rhaew.

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Nov 13, 2014 (17:46)

A word for "length", e.g. *annas, anned, andred might prove useful when attempting to express such an idea. (Cp. bellas/thinnas, breg-ed, pathred [& Welsh meith-edd, -der].)

As a possible compound-formation idea, the typical adult leg length is roughly one meter.

Tamas Ferencz Nov 13, 2014 (17:59)

+ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ
Gnomish also has a word for 'distance'
lenchos, and one for 'measure' IIRC

Hjalmar Holm Nov 23, 2014 (22:06)

Words for fathom, foot, length, distance and measure are good to have (could one use the proposed rhaew, tal, annas, lenchos, and what the gnomish word for distance was, or do they need to be standardized, and in that case, are anyone willing to add them to the VQP?)

Hjalmar Holm Nov 23, 2014 (22:09)

What I wanted was a word to describe a distance to some object on the scale of a half to some houndred metres. To measure such a distance, it would be natural to tell how many steps it takes to walk that distance, if there are no standardised "metre", which is a quite modern invention.