Post F1hyxpAYahE

Tamas Ferencz Apr 24, 2013 (10:11)

Let's have some fun...

Na i Melehte olye.
Sine lar i atanivear i kestal.
Nán atarelya, Lúk.  (Laaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuu)
A himya hilya i losse lapatte.
A take hammaquiltalyar, an Kansas nauva vanwa-vanwa.
Illi pa illi, noa ná enta aure!
Pahtalye ninna?
ET yale mardenna...

Björn Fromén Apr 26, 2013 (16:51)

Nice samples of subtitle Elvish :-).

But why himya, not hilya?
And why the plural in hammaquiltalyar?

Tamas Ferencz Apr 26, 2013 (17:00)

Hilya, of course, silly me.

The plural is there because I recall Cypher says 'fasten your seatbelts...' in the movie if I am not mistaken:)

Björn Fromén Apr 28, 2013 (18:09)

OK, but literally hammaquiltalyar must mean 'thy seatbelts'. A plurality of seatbelts usually implies a corresponding plurality of passengers. So perhaps rather hammaquiltallar or  _-quiltaldar_?

Tamas Ferencz Apr 29, 2013 (09:36)

Well yes, you are right, I used the pre-PE17 notion of having the same pronominal ending in singular and plural 2nd person..

Roman Rausch May 03, 2013 (00:31)

- Alye ambakalta nye, Kaledonquen!
- Aiwe ná! Vilyakirya ná! Oroner ná!

Matt Dinse May 06, 2013 (07:30)

il ist firen en gerir vi bith hin: 'Dartho a hartho!'

(making frivolous usage of Noldorin and assumptions about VT50). There might be other mistakes; I'm rusty.