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Tamas Ferencz Oct 20, 2017 (11:18)

Enno onna enno enne.

"A person's child is a person's purpose."

Middle-Earth saying

Leonard W. Oct 26, 2017 (18:37)

This is great! :) I love the simplicity of this one, and the creativity with which you have utilised the vocabulary. How did you come up with it? Were you browsing the dictionary when you noticed the similarity of those words?

Unrelated, may I add this phrase to Parf Edhellen's collection of neo-phrases on your behalf? If you would log in once, I could make sure to associate the phrase with your account.

Tamas Ferencz Oct 26, 2017 (18:49)

+Leonard W. indeed I was looking for something in the dictionary, noticed this cluster of words, and it sparked this fake proverb. I think Tolkien also liked playfulness in a language, see his Ksarare psare sule.
Fell free to quote it anywhere you'd like!

Leonard W. Oct 27, 2017 (15:38)

+Tamas Ferencz It is now available on Parf Edhellen:

If you would log in once and tell me your account name, I will make sure to transfer ownership onto yourself. Despite the standard disclaimer at the top, your name is mentioned thrice in the texts beneath, and I also left a link to this thread. - A person's child is a person's purpose (Quenya) - Parf Edhellen: an elvish dictionary

Tamas Ferencz Oct 31, 2017 (08:58)

+Leonard W. my account name is Tamas Ferencz

Leonard W. Oct 31, 2017 (09:07)

+Tamas Ferencz Thank you! I have moved the phrase onto your account instead.