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Hjalmar Holm Aug 28, 2015 (01:04)

Now it is my turn to  try with what is maybe the most translated poem:

Althilia il i malthen
allwanwen il i reniar
alphêl i iaur i velt
alphessa i chelch i thynd nuir.

Od i lith naur echuiatha
od i dhae calad cabatha
tôl cýrnen i grist i rangen
tôl i benrí Aran eden

Tag Schatten Aug 28, 2015 (02:15)

I really just like to read it out loud.

Hjalmar Holm Aug 28, 2015 (12:07)

I tried to, as far as I could, make it consistent with the new information in PE 22. Actually the meter came on a second place of priority. The allitteration is due to old norse influence, and is in some languages more easy to achieve than word-end rhyming.