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Lőrinczi Gábor Jul 20, 2014 (19:54)

Some potential Neosindarin words for VinQuettaParma:

torchal (pl. torchail) n. shark or other large predatory fish (lit. "mighty/awful fish")
< taur (mighty, vast, overwhelming, huge, awful) Etym/395 + hâl (fish) VT/45:20
cf. torog (troll) LotR/F, PE/17:136
úgan(n), úgand (pl. úgain, úgaind) adj. gutless, faint-hearted, diffident (lit. "not bold")
< ú- (no, not) PE/17:144 + cann (bold) Etym/362
cf. ú-land, úlan(n) (not broad, narrow) PE/17:144
elui (pl. elui) adj. starry
< êl, el- (star) Etym/356, LotR/II:1,  LotR/VI:9,  Silm/449,  WJ/363, MR/373,  RGEO/64-65, RGEO/67,  Letters/281, PE/17:20-25,  PE/17:55,  PE/17:66-67, PE/17:133,  PE/17:139-40,  PE/17:151, PE/17:176 + -ui RGEO/66,  TC/178,  VT/42:10, VT/42:25,  VT/44:28, PE/17:87, PE/17:144-45, PE/17:173
cf. fanui (cloudy) RGEO/66, RC/268,  PE/17:26,  PE/17:36,  PE/17:173, urui (hot) LotR/D, Silm/458, etc.
orvedui n. yesterday (lit. "last day")
< aur, or- (day) Etym/349,  Silm/458, PE/17:120,  PE/17:148 + medui (last) LotR/I:12, PE/17:16
as a closed compound formed from the phrase "aur vedui", cf. dantilais (autumn) PM/135
ordolel n. tomorrow (lit. "coming day")
< aur, or- (day) Etym/349,  Silm/458, PE/17:120,  PE/17:148 + *tolel < *tol- < teli (to come) Etym/395, tolo! (come!) WJ/254, tôl (comes) VT/44:21, VT/44:25
as a closed compound formed from the phrase "aur dolel", cf. dantilais (autumn) PM/135

Tamas Ferencz Jul 20, 2014 (22:01)

+Lőrinczi Gábor would you like to be an editor and add them yourself?

Lőrinczi Gábor Jul 23, 2014 (16:24)

Why not? :) What should I do?

Tamas Ferencz Jul 23, 2014 (16:46)

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