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Robert Reynolds Nov 29, 2017 (20:46)

A Quenya word for "special, particular" would be helpful, especially as an adverb "especially, particularly" :) I see Sindarin edregol "in especial, *especially" but don't yet know how to render it in Q. Sometimes *tolyave "prominently" works but it's too specific for many uses. Likewise with *ingave "foremost".

Ekin Gören Nov 29, 2017 (21:22)

I think, the attested satya could be used for this sense, in the absence of an alternative.

It may be that edregol is derived from √REK "recover, get out/away, save from ruin/peril/loss". One of this root's derivations, edraith, shares the prefix. At a guess, it may be based on how "save" can be synonymous with "except". Perhaps "ed-reg-ol" is literally "out-save-ing".

Tamas Ferencz Nov 29, 2017 (21:37)

The adverb could be etsatie or with metathesis estatie.

Tamas Ferencz Nov 29, 2017 (21:55)

+Ekin Gören I also recall some speculations from years ago on Elfling that it was from REG meaning sg like "bordering out"

Ekin Gören Nov 29, 2017 (22:39)

+Tamas Ferencz That doesn't work when you take lenition into account, e.g. √YAG > .