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Hjalmar Holm Mar 04, 2015 (00:12)

I just read about Beleg Cuthalion's bow, that is said to be named Belthronding. What does that mean? Strong something?

Paul Strack Mar 04, 2015 (04:40)

Thanks for the link to Eldamo. That's pretty much what I was going to say. I only wish all the entries in the lexicon were this detailed (someday).

Tamas Ferencz Mar 04, 2015 (08:52)

+Paul Strack
you can't imagine how convenient it is that I don't have to leaf through the entire PE11 and PE12 (not to mention the scattered smaller wordlists in later editions) every time I want to find an early word or element or root or something. Great stuff.

Hjalmar Holm Mar 04, 2015 (10:40)

So, it's not really Sindarin, but an earlier concept? I could not find the components in any other dictionary, but Eldamo is splendid!