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Tamas Ferencz Mar 20, 2018 (13:12)

An attempt to translate the first few lines of Earendil Was a Mariner, to challenge myself trying to preserve the syllable count. I don't quite have the resolve to do the whole thing just yet:)

Earendil náne kiryamo
marne mí Arvernien
Nimferne-tóvo tánie
kirya yanen kírien;
telemne lannar lanyane
telemne yú i kalmar ner,
ve alqua kanta langoya
tannaryar é sisílaner.

Mi kauma yáre tárion,
Limilkollanen netyaxe
Kertainen.rilya turmaya,
Tirien ente varien se;
Angwerómo quingaya,
Pilindi *moritóvo ner,
Tyelpéva angakollaya,
I vaine kar’na mírinen,
Makilya tulka, axina,
i tára þól *timmíreva *tinwíreva,
þornelúpe quínesse,
*laiquaril to amborya.

Eärendil was a mariner
that tarried in Arvernien;
he built a boat of timber felled
in Nimbrethil to journey in;
her sails he wove of silver fair,
of silver were her lanterns made,
her prow was fashioned like a swan,
and light upon her banners laid.

In panoply of ancient kings,
in chain'd rings he armoured him;
his shining shield was scored with runes
to ward all wounds and harm from him;
his bow was made of dragon-horn,
his arrows shorn of ebony,
of silver was his habergeon,
his scabbard of chalcedony;
his sword of steel was valiant,
of adamant his helmet tall,
an eagle-plume upon his crest,
upon his breast an emerald.

*moritoa: n. "ebony wood"
*timmíre *tinwíre: n. "sparkling gem, diamond"
*laiquaril: n "green gem, emerald"

Richard Rohlin Mar 20, 2018 (13:36)

Wow. This is quite a bit of work!

Robert Reynolds Mar 20, 2018 (13:40)


Tamas Ferencz Mar 20, 2018 (13:54)

Thanks, guys.