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Rick Spell Jul 21, 2015 (04:33)

Here are revisions of the sentences I asked about back in june:
Ortuvan hendunya i carindonna (carmonna), i orontion ya lá retë
Ortuvan hendunya   (to the calmer) i ëaron ursala hrávavë.
Ortuvan hendunya envinyatarenna i nwalmeo ya haryan imi.

In the second line, I put maker when it should have been "calmer," so the sentence should read "I will lift my eyes to the calmer of the oceans raging wild."

Here is another part of the song that I need help with:

God, my God, I cry out; your beloved needs you now.
God be near, calm my fear.

I have Eru, Erunya, inyë rama; meldalya (needs) elyë sí.
Á Eru na  (near - adverb?), (calm) sossenya.

This song has been a lifeline for me in the two hardest times of my life. I would like eventally make a tengwar print to send to the author with the full story. 

I need to learn how to make missing forms of words from attested ones (maurë - need to verb needs, for example). Thank you for your help!

Tamas Ferencz Jul 21, 2015 (10:17)

'to calm (= make sg calm)' might be *ensendata- from senda 'peaceful, resting', modeled after envinyata- 'renew, heal' in Envinyatar, so 'calmer' likewise can be *Ensendatar.

I have a feeling that 'to need something' would be expressed in an impersonal way, with the person in need in the dative; the verb would be mauya-, so e.g. 'I need to leave' would be mauya nin auta; 'the king needs a sword' mauya aranen macil etc.

Tamas Ferencz Jul 21, 2015 (12:15)

'near' can be arni "near me" VT49:25

Rick Spell Jul 23, 2015 (03:43)

+Tamas Ferencz​ Thanks. That is helpful.

Matt Dinse Aug 05, 2015 (06:01)

Do you think *ensendata- would have to assimilate to essendata-?

Tamas Ferencz Aug 05, 2015 (08:48)

+Matt Dinse
not sure; we have inse attested