Tamas Ferencz May 05, 2016 (16:25)

Another short, but interesting letter. Would that we could have similar correspondence with the Professor, I bet he would be inundated with questions and wouldn't be able to do any real work! (although he may not mind that at all, who knows).

For those whose eyesight is on the waning side (like mine), here is the text of the letter:

Dear Ridley,

Thank you for your copy of the inscription, perfectly correct, and very much better than the 'Elvish' of those mis-guided correspondents who  write to me in the script. The one with no dot under the lambda is incorrect; please add the dot; it stands for the vowel i. Those without the triple dots are less fully written according to the system by which a (for which the three dots stand) may be omitted.
It reads:- nai hiruvalye Valimar; (I.) 394. This is not very well translated "maybe thou shalt find Valimar"; in Elvish nai with the Future expresses a wish rather than a doubtful statement. A better rendering is "may you come to the Blessed Realm".
Typewritten letter signed discussing Tengwar and Quenya. - TOLKIEN, J. R. R. - Peter Harrington Rare & First Edition Books
One-page typewritten letter (254 x 203 mm). Mild toning to sheet, a few minor marks, light creases from folds. Overall in excellent condition.

Roman Rausch May 11, 2016 (16:32)

Wow, it is really strange to see a Quenya forum post by Tolkien himself. :-)