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Jenna Carpenter Mar 26, 2014 (22:58)

I have compiled an Adûnaic - English/English - Adûnaic dictionary, and thought I would share it here (I couldn't find another resource that had already done the work anywhere). It's not the most commonly used language, but I hope it will be of some use to some of you.

Tamas Ferencz Mar 27, 2014 (09:53)

Thank you, +Jenna Carpenter ! A very useful resource indeed.

Roman Rausch Mar 27, 2014 (23:56)

It would be even more helpful to have page references..
There is an Adûnaic dictionary in VT25, btw. It was pretty much exhaustive in 1992 (including the Notion Club Papers material), but doesn't contain the additional bits from the last three HoME volumes.

ܤܡܝ ܦܠܕܢܝܘܤ Mar 28, 2014 (00:13)

A language I don't intend on forgetting or stopping to play philological pelota with.

I think the linked work makes a handy roadmap and a mirror (of ideas), certainly for people who can tell the original forms from the neoformations and the origins of especially the latter.

An alternative synonym for "a saying" could perhaps be *bîthân ('dictum'!). Etc... ;-]

Jenna Carpenter Mar 28, 2014 (11:02)

Aye when I get a chance I'll add the proper references, it was originally intended - this was just a side project, I'm working on the 2nd edition of my Sindarin - English dictionary inbetween work. I also don't yet own VT before issue 41 (and it didn't come up in my searches), so thank you for making me aware of that (no idea when I'll get a chance to buy and read it though!)