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James Coish Jan 10, 2016 (02:51)

Alla illin! I have been pondering how one would say "the rings of power" as in the rings forged by Sauron. √BAL or √POL don't seem to be correct. Any ideas?

Paul Strack Jan 10, 2016 (06:41)

Maybe do something with MBELEK "mighty" from which the name Melkor was derived?

Alternately, since it was also called the Ruling Ring, perhaps do something with KHER?

Александр Запрягаев Jan 10, 2016 (09:50)

i'd start with TUR. 'One Ring to rule them all', Er Korma turien ilte etc.

Björn Fromén Jan 10, 2016 (17:32)

I've used túrie cormar (túrie pl. of túrea 'mighty').

Jim Coish Jan 13, 2016 (19:39)

túrie does seem to fit most. Thank you for the suggestions. My mind was stuck on "physical power" much less on "ruling power".