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Hjalmar Holm Mar 10, 2016 (22:40)

Any idea how to express "careful" in S or Q? It is a word that is really missing in my oppinion.

Tamas Ferencz Mar 10, 2016 (23:12)

tiríte "watchful, vigilant" in PE22?

Lőrinczi Gábor Mar 11, 2016 (09:15)

tiriel, *tirweg

Hjalmar Holm Mar 12, 2016 (17:19)

I thought more of ", canny, deliberate", to be cautious hand not too hasty.

Hjalmar Holm Mar 12, 2016 (17:25)

"the hunter is to be careful lest he scares his prey", "be careful with what you say in this company" etc.

Tamas Ferencz Mar 12, 2016 (20:47)

cautious, careful, watchful, heedful, these are all synonyms to me, but perhaps a native English speaker can give us some guidance here
or you can go for a negative like ú-geleg

Jenna Carpenter Mar 12, 2016 (21:48)

Yeah cautious and careful aren't the same at all to me. To be cautious of something is to be wary of it, the be careful is to be full of concern and care for. They can be used as synonyms of one another obviously, but a hunter being careful implies to me one stepping through the forest, a cautious hunter implies one warily looking out for what's around him.
In the given context I agree with tirweg, watchful